Bernard on CD in 2012.

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In 2012, Bernard has recorded following albums:

Grzegorz Skawiński-Me & My Guitar

Bernard plays  solo and background in  „21-st Century Blues”


Dominika Zioło-Między Nami

He is a composer of  song „Tyle Miejsc” .


Dean Brown-„Unfinished Business”

Bernard plays on acoustic vibes in „Santo Para Mim” and „Two Numbers” where he also plays solo and background on  e-vibes- Mallet Kat.


Beata Przybytek-„I’m Gonna Rock You”

In song „The pleasure is all mine” you have opportunity to hear him playing background and solo on acoustic vibes.


Noya/Jakubek/Maseli „Live”


This is live recording of  Zbigniew Jakubek,Bernard Maseli,Nippy Noya trio.




Maseli on the Road

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This is my new project „Maseli on the Road”:

Manou Gallo(Ivory Coast)-bass,voc

Sir Lord Gordon Odamatey(Ghana)-perc.

Dano Soltis(Slovakia)-drums

Mateusz Pliniewicz(Poland)-viol



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