Platinum Records for Session Natural Irish & Jazz!!!

0 comments | 23 lut 2012

Decision of the Association of Audio/Video Producers on February 8, 2012 album Session Natural Irish & Jazz becomes PLATINUM RECORD!!!.I was a great pleasure to take part in this recording and my instruments (Mallet Kat and kalimba), you can hear in  three songs.This is the first such award for Polish folk scene for an album released by an independent publisher. Platinum Award Ceremony will take place during the concert ‚Live’ March 18, 2012 in Warsaw.

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Maseli on the Road

0 comments | 14 wrz 2011

This is my new project „Maseli on the Road”:

Manou Gallo(Ivory Coast)-bass,voc

Sir Lord Gordon Odamatey(Ghana)-perc.

Dano Soltis(Slovakia)-drums

Mateusz Pliniewicz(Poland)-viol



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