Bernard Maseli-

a vibraphonist, composer, arranger, producer, educator. His career on the jazz stage began with the „Walk Away”. In 1985, he took part in the festival „Jazz nad Odra” in Wroclaw where he won the first soloist prize and the group won the first place in its category. With the „Walk Away” he recorded ten longplays and took part in all significant jazz festivals in Poland and abroad (Jazz Jamboree in Warsaw, Jak-Jazz in Indonesia, concert tours with Urszula Dudziak, support of Miles Davis). In 1985-1987 he cooperared with the „Young Power” and made two recordings with this group. In 1992 with the pianist Zbigniew Jakubek he founded the „Back In” duo (they made two records). Since 1995 he has been cooperating with the eminent bass Krzysztof Scieranski (first as the „Music Painters” trio with the percussionist Jose Torres, then as the „Big 2” duo).
He has been dealing with music production for a few years. As a producer he edited two CDs: „Tylko Chopin” for Lora Szafran and „Melodies” of Anna Serafinska and all four CDs of The Globetrotters.
He is a permament winner of the annual „Jazz Forum” poll in the category of vibraphone.
Since 1990 he has been teaching in the Katowice Academy of Music at the Faculty of Jazz and Light Music.
„The Globetrotters” is his project he has recently created with the saxophonist Jerzy Glowczewski and the vocalist Kuba Badach. The group in no time became popular among fans, made four CD, gave more than 500 concerts and performed with Nippy Noya.
Bernard Maseli cooperated with many famous musicians: Urszula Dudziak, Michal Urbaniak, Mino Cinelu, Nippy Noya, Bill Bruford, Dean Brown, Mike Stern, Frank Gambale, David Fiuczynski, Eric Marienthal,Bob Malach,Bill Evans,Paco Sery,Dave Samuels,Victor Mendoza,Matthew Garrison,Teresa Salgueiro,Zbigniew Preisner, Ewa Bem, Lora Szafran, Mieczyslaw Szczesniak and many others. He is an author of many compositions and arrangements (including radio productions) and made over 60 CDs.